SERENDIPITY “ the occurrence and development of events  by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” 


Here at Serendipity bridal we feel so proud and privileged when a bride chooses her dress with us, it helps us to know we have delivered an experience that will stay with them forever. 
Our aim is to offer you dresses that you won’t find elsewhere and to create a special experience with all our attention on you, we want to get to know you, your style and your wedding plans, for brides to feel relaxed and at ease. 
We strive to ensure that the designers we work with and the wedding dresses we stock are not like what you may have seen in the traditional bridal shops. 
We believe in shopping local and supporting women in business that why our collection not only comes form British and International Designers but includes an amazing bohemian range from local Cheshire Designers too. 
It’s true to say that we adore what we do and we promise to make your time with us memorable and incredibly personal. 
Bridal Shop Owner 
My aim is to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible whilst still having the most fun you can imagine! 
Serendipity Bridal was born from my own experience of Wedding Dress shopping. I travelled all over and visited too many boutiques to mention, having varying experiences in each, but none of them delivered on my expectations of what the experience should feel like. What started out as my dream has now become a reality where I hope to offer brides an experience like no other. 
My Wedding was inspired by our love of France, food and architecture. The Venue we chose was perfect for us, It had a fantastic fireplace, fabulous flooring and a private little rooftop garden. I like to think we did our wedding a little different to most, just like we do at serendipity bridal. 
My aim is to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible whilst still having the most fun you can imagine! I look forward to welcoming you to the boutique and sharing this wonderful journey with you. See you soon! 
Sara x 
Favourite Honeymoon Destination 
Bora Bora 
Dream Groom 
My husband obviously oh and Jenson Button 
Favourite things 
Maltesers, Coca Cola, the sound of my children’s laughter, Eating food out with my husband and Family holidays 
Favourite Dress 
That’s a tough one I love them all! I would say it is a toss up between Seduction by Dando London or Eden by Shikoba Bride 
Bridal Consultant 
My aim is to make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible whilst still having the most fun you can imagine! 
Who wouldn’t want to help one of their best friends deliver their dream? 
With over 25 years in retail management, event planning and a love of anything wedding related, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Sara in this exciting new venture. Watching the idea grow from a dream to the stunning boutique is it today has been a privilege and now to be trusted to work here is a honour. 
Using experiences from shopping together for Sara’s own wedding in 2012, (mine was far too long ago to remember) recognising every bride is unique, my aim is to help find the perfect outfit for her special day in an intimate and relaxed environment. 
Louise x 
Favourite Honeymoon Destination 
Dream Groom 
Am I supposed to say my husband of 28 years.... he won’t read this right? Sorry Andrew I’m afraid it’s got to be Patrick Swayze 
Favourite thing 
Listening to my daughters chattering together, sitting around the Christmas Dinner table and clean sheets on the bed. 
Favourite Dress 
Favourite dress It is so difficult to say as each dress looks different on each bride. But I think my personal favourite from this collection is Desire by Dando London 
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